Student loan Denmark

In Denmark, if you are approved to get SU when studying, you are also offered a supplementary student loan (SU loan). The student loan is the absolute cheapest long-term loan you can get and you are not paying back the loan until 1 year after your graduation. From that point you have 15 years to pay back the student loan.

It is a very advantageous way to take on a loan in Denmark as the interest rates are set by the Parliament and therefore are very low. You do not have to pay back the loan before you have an income and you have a very long time to pay back the amount so you do not have to pay back much each month.

SU loans Denmark – amounts

When studying and receiving SU you are also offered to take on a SU loan. The loan is a monthly amount that you get as a supplement to your SU.

  • Student loan: 3.155 kr.
  • Supplement for parents: 1.578

If you do not have children you can get the amount of the student loan. If you do have children you can also get the supplement for parents so that your total loan amount is 4.733 kr. As a parent it is optional rather you want the student loan, the supplement for parents or both.

Completion loan

If you have used up all your SU but are taking a higher education, you can apply for a completion loan in your last year. It is possible to get the loan for 12 months. The rates and terms are the same as for a regular student loan.

  • Completion loan: 8.139 kr.

You can only receive the completion loan for the last year of your higher education.

Quick loan as student loan

If you have the opportunity the take on a student loan, you should definitely do that as it is a very attractive loan. But it is not a fast loan. You have to apply for it and you will not get the loan amount in your account until the month after the loan is approved.

If you are in need of money right now, instead of or next to the SU loan you can take on a quick loan (also called a private loan). Almost everyone in Denmark can apply for these kinds of loans and typically you will receive the money in your account within a few hours. It is easy to apply for as you do it online from your computer or via your smartphone and the answer is very quick (thereof the name of the loan).

Read more about quick loans here: Loan Denmark

You can use a quick loan as a supplement to a bad month – if you do not need a loan every month. Or you can use the quick loan as a quick solution until your student loan is approved and paid.

Be aware that quick loans often have higher interest rates than a regular student loan, but sometimes you can be lucky to find a cheap or even free quick loan for students for a short period.