Payday Loans

Are you in need of money right now? To pay a bill, to get food on the table or to buy a new phone since the old one is broken? Then a payday loan can be a very good opportunity for you.


Payday Loans 2


10.000 - 400.000 kr.

Payment period

12-144 months


4,11 - 21,77%.

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*Ex: at 7% deb. rent. Price ex.: Total credit amount DKK 130,000 Var. deb. rent 3.60 - 20.95%. APR 4.11 - 21.77%. A b. approx. DKK 3,900. Total repayment amount DKK 167,258 - 260,000. Term 1-15 years.

What are payday loans?

A payday loan is a loan until payday. Typically, a short-term loan of a smaller amount. In Denmark, these kinds of payday loans are not very common. The loans are way more flexible than in other countries so you have influence on when to pay back the loan. Of course, you can choose to pay back the loan on payday. In Denmark, the loan providers will mention these loans as short-term loans or quick loans.

The amount is typical between 500 and 5.000 kr. and you will have to pay back the loan within a month or two. The short pay back time will reduce the interest rates.

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Definition of payday loans:

  • Short-term loans
  • Smaller loan amounts
  • Unsecured

Use quick loans as payday loans

If you only need an amount of money ones, of course the short-term loans of a month or two (also known as payday loans in other countries) will be the best solution for you. But if you find yourself needing money every month in a period or if you need a larger amount right now, you can choose a quick loan; also called a money loan. The loans are bigger and you can choose the terms of the loan yourself. In Denmark you have the opportunity to take these kinds of unsecured loans of amounts up to 500.000 kr.

Payday loans Denmark – find the cheapest one

If you have decided to take on a payday loan or a money loan, you should look at the prices of the different loans. In Denmark the expenses of the loan are called either “renter” (interest rates) or “gebyrer” (fees). It can be a little tricky to find out which loan is cheapest when the loans have different interest rates and fees. Therefore, you can look at the term “ÅOP” (annual expenses in percent). Compare payday loans or money loans of the same size with the same terms and find the one with the lowest ÅOP – overall, it is the cheapest loan.

Use the loan for whatever you want

The greatest advantage of these kinds of loans is that they are unsecured. You do not need to provide security for the loan with anything you own as a house or a car. And the private loan companies do not care for what you use the money for.

Even though, the loans are unsecured and you can use the money in any way that suits you, you should be sure that you are able to pay back the money regarding to the loan terms. Otherwise, the loan companies have the right to add extra expenses to the loan. If you still not pay regarding to the loan agreement, you will be registered in RKI (Danish register of bad payers) and it will be almost impossible for you to take on a loan again.